ILM Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching has been a buzzword for some time – both inside and outside the military – and within management and training circles is now proven to have benefits related to improved performance, enhanced learning and the development of positive attitudes. Others have recognised coaching as a distinct communication style in its own right and positioned it firmly within a leadership framework, whilst creating & sustaining a coaching culture is seen by many as central to becoming a Learning Organisation. Within Defence, coaching has been embraced for all of these reasons and the ARTD Staff Leadership School (ASLS) now offers specialist coach training to improve trainee performance, enhance instructor development & support training transformation.

PerformancePeople™ are an approved ILM Centre and offer a range of professional qualification programmes in coaching & mentoring specifically designed to meet the needs of both serving & resettling Service people, including:

- ILM L3 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring
- ILM L5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring
- ILM L5 Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring
- ILM L7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring
- ILM L7 Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Any individual interested in attending one of our ILM programmes is invited to contact us directly for further information and a schedule of course dates. Any organisation interested in the delivery of a bespoke programme to meet client-specific requirements is invited to contact us directly for an analysis of their needs.