Approach & Methodology

As a consulting company, Performance Peopleā„¢ employ a Systems Approach to Training (SAT) underpinned by Evidence-Based Coaching (EBC) practice.

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The purpose of any training system is to determine training needs and priorities, develop solutions to achieving these needs, implement these solutions in a confident and competent manner, and assess the degree to which the outcomes of the system meet the specified needs. To achieve this in the most effective and efficient way possible, we employ a Systems Approach to Training (SAT) and the process and procedures of design, development & delivery.

Evidence Based Coaching (EBC) can be defined as the intelligent and conscientious use of best current knowledge integrated with practitioner expertise in making decisions about how to design, develop & deliver coaching and coach training programmes. It is an approach employed to distinguish professional coaching that is explicitly grounded in the broader empirical and theoretical knowledge base from that developed from the popular psychology personal development genre.

Throughout, we employ a seven-step methodology that incorporates dedicated stages of: (1) contracting; (2) analysis; (3) design; (4) development; (5) implementation; (6) evaluation; and (7) closing. It is in this way we ensure our solutions are designed, developed & delivered to meet client specific requirements, both theoretically sound & practically relevant, and results-focussed whilst remaining person-centred.