ACT Peak Performance Training

We live in a world of constant change where performance is important, such that the modern working environment is complex, competitive and demanding. People are now expected to work harder, longer and faster than ever before, whilst remaining focussed and in control. And all of this whilst continually promoting the business and developing positive people relationships – with customers and colleagues alike. So whilst knowledge and skills are always going to be important, it is invariably such things as confidence, motivation and the ability to deal with stress, that ultimately determine personal, professional and organisational performance. What use is knowledge without the motivation to apply it? What use are skills without the confidence to employ them? And what use are either without a positive mental attitude?

Attitude Change Technology™ (ACT) is a meta-model of performance that offers a contextual model coaching – in the context of leadership and for the purposes of development. Designed and developed through a systems approach to training, it integrates concepts, principles and processes – borrowed from, amongst others, the positive & coaching psychologies and neuro-linguistic technologies – within a system of models & metaphors. As such, it provides a proven learning system with which to develop emotional intelligence alongside technical competence, invest in people as well as performance, and realise organisational objectives whilst facilitating personal growth.

Peak performance training provides a comprehensive introduction to the psychology of performance, learning & development. In defining psychology as the study of mind and behaviour, it invites people to consider why they do the things they do, why sometimes they don’t do the things they know they should, and how they might do the things they already do well even better. It also introduces a number of psychological theories, concepts and ideas to help improve their understanding of how they think, feel and behave, and how this affects their performance. Throughout it presents a number of tools, techniques and methods – borrowed from a variety of psychological disciplines – with which to help people improve their performance, achieve more and realise their true potential.

Performance People™ are the developers of ACT training and offer a range certification programmes, including:

- ACT Peak Performance (PP)
- ACT Coaching for Performance (CP)
- ACT Transformational Leadership & Coaching (TLC)

Any individual interested in attending one of our ACT programmes is invited to contact us directly for further information and a schedule of course dates. Any organisation interested in the delivery of a bespoke programme to meet client-specific requirements is invited to contact us directly for an analysis of their needs.